The Blacker the Brain Cohort

The Blacker The Brain

The Blacker The Brain is an ongoing campaign, conversation and cohort created by therapist and mental health decolonizer, Thea Monyee´ to make mental health inclusive and expansive for Black bodies by teaching practitioners to unlearn harmful ideas, practices, and policies, and empowering potential clients with language, a full understanding of their rights, and a joy centered framework for their healing within in an oppressive society.

  • Campaign-$33/Monthly contribution to our mission
  • Conversations-$33 to attend individual lectures. These events will be established through eventbrite and publicized on this site and through social media.
  • Cohort-$45/Monthly a space for a developing cohort of folks involved in healing/mental health/wellness work, who are committed to creating a safer, joy-centered, spirit-led experience and space for Black bodies to heal and navigate the effects of systemic oppression. This will result in The Blacker The Brain directory-inspired by the historic Green Book (Smithsonian Channel) guide to direct Black bodies to safe healing spaces, focused on their self-actualization.
Thea Monyee Cohort Community
You will receive ongoing support in your efforts to decolonize your work, including:
  • Access to all lectures,
  • Support materials and resources,
  • And a monthly zoom call with Thea Monyee´ to discuss challenges and opportunities.

The Blacker The Brain Cohort


We are an interdisciplinary collective committed to decolonizing various areas of the public sector including but not limited to: Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Mental Health, in an effort to assist in the healing, protecting, and elevating of Black bodies.

In addition to access the TBTB lectures, cohort members attend monthly heart sessions facilitated by Thea Monyee´, guest co-facilitators, and additional resources.

The objective of TBTB Cohort is to create a network that advocates for and implements ancestrally supported and joy-centered practices for the care and support of Black minds and bodies.

The Blacker The Brain

Joy Principles

We are JOY Centered.
We are SPIRIT and ANCESTOR led.
We choose LIBERATION over emancipation.
We are a shame and guilt free space.
Our Anger is HOLY.
We believe discomfort is an OPPORTUNITY.
We choose CURIOSITY over judgment.
It is our duty to REST and RELAX.
We choose to be WHOLE over right.
We honor our community members’ capacities.
This space is filled and supported by GRACE.