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Thea Monyeé Library Member

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Finally a place where you can have FULL access to my lectures, poetry not publicly available, and our exclusive podling, THE GET RIGHT—a mini podcast with quick advice to get you right! Sign up for the year and check back monthly for new content!

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Shift Shaper

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Maintaining a successful podcast requires TONS of support! From sharing episodes, to online engagement, to donations and sponsorships, all forms of support are invited and appreciated!

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The Blacker The Brain Cohort

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A space for a developing cohort of folks involved in healing/mental health/wellness work, who are committed to creating a safer, joy-centered, spirit-led experience and space for Black bodies to heal and navigate the effects of systemic oppression.

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The Blacker the Brain Campaign

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Choose your contribution! From voluntary reparations to a lil sumthin sumthin to let us know you see us… All amounts go to source this heart work and to continue to build a decolonized model for community building, healing, and joy!

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