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We are excited to introduce MarleyAyo Creative Wellness Consultation, expanding upon Thea Monyeé’s vision of healing the world through joy, pleasure, and decolonization.

MarleyAyo is home to the many exciting dimensions of this vision, including SHAPING THE SHIFT, our newest multimedia platform, and more!


MarleyAyo is a creative wellness consultation company. Our goal is to actively support and create tools to reverse the adverse effects of  colonization and enslavement by liberating  marginalized people around the globe through joy, pleasure, creativity, and intentional decolonization.

Our vision is to create and nurture a multi-dimensional organism that prioritizes the reintegration of spirit and liberation through unlearning, media, consulting, and land stewardship.

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EnterWell is a division of MarleyAyo dedicated to integrating decolonized and joy-centered mental wellness services into the entertainment and music industries. All services are provided using decolonized therapeutic practices developed with the understanding that systemic racism adversely impacts Black/POC artists in all areas of life. Our practices strive to be inclusive of cultural, spiritual, and ancestral wisdom integrated into client care.

Specialized Training

Specialized Training

We support and create training opportunities for healing through decolonization, or the unlearning of colonial values.

Decolonization is the active practice of increasing awareness of the harmful impact of colonization on all living and non-living things, and creating strategies to reduce/eradicate the long-term effects of colonial violence by amplifying ancestral, spiritual, eco-equitable and holistic solutions.

Due to COVID19 restrictions, current trainings are offered via Live Virtual Classrooms and/or self-paced pre-recorded curriculum.

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The Innerground Railroad

UNLEARNING WITH THEA MONYEÉ A Psycho-Spiritual Framework To Reclaim Black Folks’ Joy & Pleasure What Will I Learn? Establishing a psycho/social/spiritual approach for individuals, healers and mental health providers to support the healing and reclamation of Black folks access to joy and pleasure.

To access this content, you must purchase The Innerground Railroad. Or log in if you are already a member.

Enroll about The Innerground Railroad
The Free Joy Experience

The Free Joy Experience is a joint healing venture between EbonyJanice Moore’s Free People Project and Thea Monyeé’s MarleyAyo, focused on spiritual justice and creating programming, curating content, and holding space for community building around racial healing through ancestral accountability and expanding white consciousness and imagination. There are various ways to contribute:

The Free Joy Experience Cohort $333/month -NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLING NEW MEMBERS. This is a six month intensive for white identified persons committed to anti-racism work. This includes monthly lectures, resources, cohort consultation and supplemental materials.

The Free Joy Resource Library $50/monthly-Access to archived lectures from EbonyJanice and myself along with supplemental materials provided. This is ideal for folks involved in Diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

The Free Joy Experience-Corporate-PRICING AVAILABLE UPON CONSULTATION. Contact us for details about our corporate consultation packages.

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Meet the Team

Our Mantra

We build.
We share, inform, inspire.
We hold conversations.
We do celebrations.
We believe in the fractal.
We meet in small, visible, engaged numbers.
We prefer after-automation, the repurposing of organic material and content post the live occurrence.
We believe the purpose in being a millionaire is to create a thriving ecosystem.
We flow astrologically.
We move in divine timing.
We pause to heal in between.
We are not a machine.
We are made of organic, living matter.
We thrive in relationship.
We assess/evaluate using joy as our metric.
We integrate.
We shape things that shape the world.
We manifest.
We experiment.
We co-create.

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From Podcasting, to expert guest appearances, to spoken word collaborations, we use media as the mouthpiece of our mission, working effectively with brands such as HBO, BET, TVONE, GoDaddy, FoxSoul, and more.


Land Stewardship

We follow an eco-womanist model of re-spiritualizing our relationship with all parts of nature, including living entities, non-living entities, and spiritual entities, to restore our ability to function as a super-organism, a collective WE.

We are undergoing planning for programming related to urban gardening, urban farming, and eco-healing.


We support and create training opportunities for healing through decolonization, or the unlearning of oppressive colonial values.



We partner with brands, companies, organizations and institutions to co-create strategies to center joy and build healthy, equitable, and highly effective environments, rooted in valuing the collective WE.