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EnterWell is a division of MarleyAyo dedicated to integrating decolonized and joy-centered mental wellness services into the entertainment and music industries.

For decades artists have struggled to maintain balance and mental wellness while pursuing their dream careers, often feeling social pressure to push past their own self-maintenance in an effort to maintain appearances and prevent disappointing stakeholders. In the case of Black artists/artists of color this is compounded by the implicit and often explicit bias of primary companies within these industries, and the historic exploitation of not only the artists, but the communities they represent.

Co-facilitated by Thea Monyeé - HBO Def Poetry Artist and Licensed psychotherapist, and partner Mark Winkler-Former UTA music agent, former member of Nelly’s management team, and former wraparound mental health facilitator.

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Thea Monyee EnterWell

EnterWell customizes wellness and mental health consulting services including:

  • Confidential and Customized artist/team need assessments
  • Confidential and Customized EnterWell Artist/Team Plan Of Action
  • Confidential and Customized Mental Wellness Education Sessions for artists and teams
  • Confidential and Customized Well-Being Check Ins with artists
  • Confidential and Customized Joy Maintenance Resource List co-created with artist, team, and mental health facilitators.
  • Consulting services for designing wellness strategies within entities such as music labels, management teams, etc.

All services are provided using decolonized therapeutic practices developed with the understanding that systemic racism adversely impacts Black/POC artists in all areas of life. Our practices strive to be inclusive of cultural, spiritual, and ancestral wisdom integrated into client care.

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EQUITY CONSULTATION Are your Black/People of Color/Queer employees/students structurally and authentically supported?

America has long since had discomfort talking about race, sexism, classism, and inequality as a whole. The heightened National attention on the matter of race is forefront in everyone’s day-to-day lives.

Right now, your employees are likely experiencing discomfort and a feeling of “walking on eggshells” with each other. This heightened anxiety leads to loss of productivity, interpersonal conflict, and employee dissatisfaction within the workplace.

Responsible organizations, like yours, are taking this time to ensure their corporate culture is inclusive. MarleyAyo partners with brands, companies, organization and institutions to co-create strategies to center joy and build healthy, equitable, and highly effective environments, rooted in valuing the collective WE. MarleyAyo is uniquely positioned to support your organization in this very important work with over 50 years of inclusivity education experience.


MarleyAyo supports your corporation in the cultivation of a cooperative considerate and inclusive workplace.