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Hold Us Sacred Retreats

Hold Us Sacred Retreats are a continuation of the work we began with Thea Monyeé’s Blood & Bajareque, a collection of sacred writings that explored questions of ancestral inheritance, spiritual data, and the intentional accessing of both for joy, transformation, and liberation. We have nurtured global relationships and community to discover ideal ecosystems for immersion and explorations of these concepts as collectives.

From sunrise meditations and Seeded Soul Sessions led by Thea Monyeé at the Red Sea, to local food experiences and getting up close with one of the most beautiful and preserved coral reefs on the planet, Hold Us Sacred supports both inner and outer expansion with the help of our community partners, Sunny Beach, Hayat Travel Services and Costa Bao, to name a few.

This retreat is open to all persons guided to this experience by Spirit with the understanding that it is:

  • Black women led, centered, and designed
  • Spiritually led and ancestor supported
  • Nature aligned
  • Intended for persons seeking to Find Your Yes and to Seat Your Soul

This nine-day retreat includes two travel days, sessions with Thea Monyeé, intentional movement sessions, community engagement, nature immersion and exposure, pre-selected spa treatments and more.


  • To expand attendees’ capacity for receiving and sustaining the flow of love
  • To empower attendees to view their bodies as naturally evolving adaptive sensory and pleasure centered instruments of nature spirit and love
  • To eradicate psychological economic social and environmental roadblocks to viewing self as a member of a global universal ecosystem
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Hold Us Sacred the retreat

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

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More Retreats past, present & future

The Grateful Body: Expansion Retreat

Reconnect and reinvigorate your senses in a place of incredible natural beauty, with personalized wellness experiences, and award-winning hospitality at Civana Wellness Resort and Spa.

Your retreat hosts, Thea and ACE, look forward to guiding you through a weekend filled with connection, liberation, planting seeds, and joyful movement and meditation. This intimate experience with Thea and ACE will offer you a one-on-one opportunity to connect with each of your hosts to help guide you into a season of gratitude, abundance, rest, and JOY! You will not want to miss out on planting SOULful seeds in sessions with Thea and moving your body with ACE through yoga, tapping, and so much more. Join US!

Food is Love

At CIVANA guests have the delightful adventure of enjoying two warmly inviting and wondrously inventive restaurants led by our culinary team. Breakfast and lunch at CIVANA are meant to sustain guests through an active day. Enjoy hyper-seasonal offerings and high vibe food at Seed, CIVANA’s cafe and specialty market.

As the sun begins to set, enjoy a change of venue at Terras, the resort’s signature dinner destination offering a delightfully fresh and modern take on regionally inspired cuisine.

Oh goodness, what am I going to wear?

Civana Wellness Resort and Spa is nestled in the Sonoran Desert, just outside Scottsdale, CIVANA is a new destination wellness resort that offers a regenerating experience to a wide audience of wellness travelers 14 years of age and older, as well as those simply looking for a serene and healthy get-away.

It is super chill, like real chill, so just think resort wear during the day while hanging at the pool and spa, yoga clothes for classes both inside and outside. Bring a sweater as it might get a little chilly at night, but its the desert in May, so make sure your clothes are light and bright…JUST.LIKE.YOU.