Thea Monyee Is

Thea Monyeé is

an accomplished self identified Black Woman Creative with credits including appearances on HBO, BET, Spectrum, OWN, Fox Soul, and TV One; performances at the legendary Ford Amphitheater and House of Blues in Los Angeles; countless college tours, presentations and keynotes; and commissions to perform for the NAACP, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and other national organizations.


Thea Monyeé's latest literary work: Blood & Bajareque

Blood & Bajareque uses free language to explore the varied landscape of lineage, identity, and love. Inspired by her own ancestors, Thea Monyeé offers readers a portal into their personal journeys of self exploration, by welcoming them into the deepest parts of her own.

An excerpt read by the author

Thea Monyeé makes the impossible possible in this book. She returned to the water, she returned to the womb, she returned to the earth, she returned to the air, she returned to the fire and she returned to the eternal to bring back these stories of what was, what is, and what is to come. She has defied the laws of time and space to remember this for us.