Let's Heal With Pleasure!

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Pleasure Noir is a 90 minute  webinar event focused on decolonizing pleasure in Black Bodies and other marginalized persons. Embracing a blend of decolonized psychotherapy, body awareness and afro-spirituality, Pleasure Noir creates an immersive and interactive learning experience for those who are interested in increasing pleasure to transform the inner and outer world.

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The InnerGround Railroad Course

Course Description


This Course Teaches A Psycho-Spiritual Framework for Supporting the Reclamation of Access to Joy & Pleasure for Black Folks.

Purpose: Establishing a psycho/social/spiritual tool for healers/teachers/ mental health providers and more to support the healing and reclamation of Black folks access to joy and pleasure.

Who: Individuals/collectives working as healers/mental health professionals with Black folks.

Goal: To provide holistic historic and systemic trauma recovery work for Black folks by addressing and empowering Black folks to reclaim, demand, define, and experience joy safely within their lives and bodies.


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This course is provided in collaboration with Black Girl Mixtape, a Safe Think Space created
to center the intellectual authority of black women.

I proudly hold the position of Director of Decolonization with BGM.

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