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Patreon makes it possible to support work like mine through its system of monthly patronage. Starting as small as US$1a month, you can financially contribute to my work as a creative, podcaster, lecturer, and healer. By choosing a pledge to join my Patreon community you are supporting my work:

  • Writing across genres, including but not limited to poetry, essays, articles, and YA literature, to create conversations and action plans to address identity, diversity, inclusion, joy, and healing.
  • Hosting two podcasts that produce a combined total of over five hours per month of audio content related to social justice, mental health & wellness, culture, and creativity.
  • Advocating and creating platforms for Black Women to self-authorize their voices and expertise on Blackness and Womanhood.
  • Providing lectures and workshops on decolonizing spirituality, mental health & wellness, art & activism, and joy, pleasure & healing.
  • Traveling throughout the diaspora collecting stories of joy & pleasure with women of African Descent to further expand conversations around healing traumatic wounds through joy. 

All membership tiers are accepted with deep gratitude. Please choose your contribution amount based on your comfort level.

All contributions are recognized as love and commitment to supporting my work. 

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