Landmines & Landslides


"Thea Monyee' captures such a raw set of emotions in her words. This book is not like reading the story of a stranger. Reading Murmurs of a Madwoman is like reading the journal that I never took the time to write. There are so many points in that made me wonder just how she knew me so well.
It is a long overdue therapy session that takes you back through the pain only to show you that it does get better. She makes you take a long look in the mirror and know that not only will you get through the storm but you can learn to appreciate the scars.
From poetry to short stories to thought provoking one-liners, this book is filled to the brim with pain and healing. It is a page turner that will be read over and over and still never lose the power of the words. And don't be fooled; this isn't only for poets and poetry lovers. Murmurs is for anybody who has ever been through something in life that made you wonder how you would ever make it back to sanity." -Lyric Kantrail

"Murmurs of a Madwoman is a phenomenal collection of poems, short stories and personal journal entries from the heart and mind of Poet and Author: Thea Monyee that takes you on a life changing journey of romance, love, heart ache, the struggle for survival and the rediscovery of love for oneself through the healing process.

Thea Monyee graciously opens up her heart and reveals her humanity brilliantly through her willingness to be completely transparent with her audience.
With every line I found myself revisiting different stages in my life as her words invited me to take this emotional ride with her in which I myself begun to heal from hidden wounds that I had locked away in the deepest part of my soul.

Thea allows the reader to know her intimately while at the same time the reader will discover hidden strength within and an untapped love for who they are as a man, woman, father, mother,daughter, son, husband and wife. But most importantly, a human being and how we all are connected through our personal stories of love, pain, sacrifice, and our desire for wholeness and to be loved as God intended as we love ourselves." -Dee Poetik


Murmurs of a Mad Woman answers the question, what do you do when an emotional bomb detonates through your life? Beginning with the moment of impact, Murmurs uses raw emotional imagery and engaging vulnerability to capture the experience of surviving the storms of life and the beauty found within the journey back to sanity.